The management has heavily invested in making all classrooms smart at present. Initially, it was only the kindergarten that had this facility. Later, it was extended to all classrooms so that the teaching and learning of all subjects become effortless and easy. Every lesson unit is arranged by the teacher as a feature documentary so that students absorb the lesson without realizing it is a lesson!

The main advantage of the smart classrooms is that nothing is left unclear in the minds of the students. They can watch the lesson a number of times until they totally absorb the concept. There is always the possibility of clarifying doubts with the concerned teacher even outside the class time.

The smart classrooms go a long way to ensuring that every student, no matter his level of understanding, has learnt his lesson thoroughly. Although initially the teacher has to work extra hard to prepare the lessons, at the end of the day, her satisfaction that all students have absorbed the lesson is great.


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