A Desalite knows in depth the life and teachings of St Francis de Sales, the heavenly patron of the MSFS, and of Venerable Father Peter Marie Mermier, founder of the MSFS; he believes in the dictum “Education of the heart is the heart of education.”
He believes in the living God and offers daily prayers. He trusts in God who helps those who help themselves. He works hard to be of genuine service to others. He practices the virtue of optimism, gentleness and hospitality.
A Desalite practices charity in thought, word and deed. He speaks the truth, and lives according to the truth. He respects elders, parents, teachers and classmates. He dresses neatly, arrives at the school punctually, and behaves politely.
A Desalite nurtures nature and cultivates eco-friendly habits. The ethos of the Alma Mater is dear to him. He promotes peace, harmony and non-violence. He respects cultural and religious diversity. He fosters patriotism and combats adversity. He promotes social justice and equality. He fosters good health and respect for life.
A Desalite is studious, responsible and duty-conscious. He is meek, humble and strong in character. He lives by the motto: For God and Country!