The school expects the parents of students to be available when necessary to discuss various aspects of their wards, to sign messages, to analyse progress reports and to suggest remedial measures as they see fit.
Parents should check their wards’ school diary daily as it carries important communications from the authorities for the information of the parents.

If and when it becomes necessary for the students to stay away from the school for any valid reason, it should be conveyed to the concerned teacher and the school Principal in advance. This will avoid the unpleasant need to take the students to task.

Parents are at liberty to contact the teachers with permission from the Principal to discuss any matter of urgency regarding their wards. The teachers may have some unsavory remarks to make about the pupils which should be patiently appreciated by the parents, knowing it is all for the good of the students.

Other parents too have a right to expect that you would discipline your ward if he/she proves to be burdensome to his/her peers in class.

If your ward has contracted any contagious disease, he/she should be confined to the house so as to ensure the safety of other students in class. Produce a fitness certificate from a medical doctor when he/she returns to the school after his treatment.