The story of SFS Public School is a story of unflinching determination and steady vision of a team of enterprising priests. They envisioned a high-quality institution to provide English-medium education to the people of Ettumanoor who soon realized the value of such a school and volunteered to admit their wards in it.

The academic programme is based on the CBSE syllabus and as provided by the NCERT textbooks. Academic performance is periodically tested/examined through regular tests and examinations. Those who are weak in their performance are given remedial coaching on holidays but private tuition is not encouraged. Report cards are sent to parents to indicate the level of their wards’ achievement. Open Houses are arranged soon after the annual examination. A counselor’s service is always available to any student who experiences difficulties at the school.

The academic programme in the lower classes is generally flexible and allows for much adaptation. However, in the higher standards, greater rigidity with regard to the academic programme is noticeable. What matters to the parents in the end is whether his/her ward passes or fails the annual examination. Teachers and students alike work hard to ensure success at this level.

The social activities at the school are generally regulated by various clubs and the Nallapaadam project of Malayala Manorama. Several charitable projects dot the year with students undertaking such works to help the needy in society. Major festivals like Onam and Christmas see them soliciting for small amounts to help the needy. Clothing and foodstuff are provided to people living in old age homes. Students also indulge in recreational and dance programs to entertain older folks.

Annual quiz competitions that test the intellectual capacity of students are organized and prizes distributed among winners. SFS students participate in several inter-school competitions, and bring home their laurels and trophies. There is a social dimension to these projects as interaction and team spirit is on display on such occasions. The Annual Day celebration is another occasion which brings together the student community in a massive display of talents.

Buoyancy is an annual programme to gather the mentally and physically challenged students for a day of sports competitions at the SFS school grounds. Hefty cash prizes are on offer for winners of such competitions.