The KG classrooms are custom-built to suit the requirements of their occupants. Mini-size individual tables and chairs afford personalized attention and sufficient flexibility. Unlike other classes, the KG classrooms have the ambience of a flower garden where imaginary birds and animals roam free. The children’s imagination is allowed to wander and to visualize the world as they think fit. The classroom walls are tastefully decorated with pictures of Mowgli, Superman, Tarzan and other mythological figures. Again, the classes are more unstructured and less rigid, with a light syllabus to suit their IQ level. The KG children absorb their lessons through the play-way which is effortless and non-taxing. The children’s and their parents’ initial misgivings soon vanish within a week of their starting classes. It is the teachers’ incessant care and vigilant watchfulness that provides the children with the sense of security they need to relax and rejoice.

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