A good seed, planted in a fertile field, produces a bountiful harvest. This holds true in the case of education as well. The foundation for a good education is laid at the kindergarten level. It is here that kids begin to absorb the fundamentals of organized learning through the play way.

The sense of belonging that one experiences at the kindergarten level is reassuring both to the little ones and to their parents. Every kid is personally observed and his/her needs taken care of by the teaching staff. This care is highly personalized and the child feels safe and secure in the arms of the teacher. Lessons are never a burden and the teaching methods are totally flexible, to suit the individual needs of the kids.

A lovely flower park adjacent to the KG Block is an additional attraction for the children. The cartoon characters depicted on the walls of the block help nurture the imagination of the kindergarten students.


The observation that a good number of parents of SFS students are employees, burdened with the care of little ones gave rise to the idea of starting a pre-KG section here. This plan materialized a couple of years ago with the admission of 30-odd kids aged 3 years and more. This relieved the parents of a huge responsibility of taking care of their little children while they went about doing their careers.

During 2019-20, more parents approached the school with a request to admit their wards in the pre-KG. Mrs Thankom Thomas, with her long years of handling classes in the LKG and UKG, was placed in charge of the pre-KG and she built it up into a prestigious project. The children pick up the rudiments of learning as they spend their time mostly playing and relaxing under the watchful gaze of their teachers.

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