SFS Kindergarten

For Pre-KG, LKG and UKG the school begins at 8.50 a.m. and ends at 3.15 pm every day.
The KG kids learn their lessons through the effortless, easy learn-by-doing way. Children aged 3 years are admitted to pre-KG; on completion of the pre-KG course, they automatically proceed to LKG and later UKG. There is a graduation ceremony at the end of the UKG course which is a celebration of the completion of the KG course. 

There is a lovely playground in the vicinity of the Kindergarten which is exclusively used by the KG kids. It is like a park, with plenty of flowering shrubs and play equipment. The KG kids have a Kids Fest, a sports fest and an annual picnic to a nearby park. Kids learn mostly through the smart class and watch lessons live on the screen. Periodic tests keep the children motivated to learn and to compete with peers. The tests and exams are tension-free and leave the kids free to study at their own leisure.