The charisma of the SFS brand of education has been well established through two centuries of experience on the Indian subcontinent. The MSFS Fathers have always looked on education as a missionary apostolate and a means to uplift the living standards of ordinary people. They have established over 150 educational institutions in every nook and corner of India. 

SFS Public School & Junior College, Ettumanoor, has been a major undertaking of the Congregation in central Kerala where the SFS brand had been conspicuous by its absence until the end of the last century. Once a child enrolls at SFS, he/she gets automatically branded with the Desalite charism which will easily distinguish him/her even at a later stage of life. Fransalian optimism and humanism are characteristics that distinguish SFS pupils the world over. 

An abiding faith in the all-embracing providence of God lies behind this optimism. In these troubled times, it is this rudder that keeps the SFS vessel steady without faltering. Utmost attention to each student is the hallmark of education at SFS. The school serves as a second home to all its students and teachers alike. Love lies at the root of the Fransalian formula for success. “Education of the heart is the heart of education” here, as propounded by Fr Peter Marie Mermier, the MSFS Founder. Emotional quotient is as important as intellectual quotient in life. We devote equal attention to both here at SFS. 

Everything out of love, nothing out of compulsion, was the motto of St Francis de Sales, the heavenly patron of the School. We know love conquers, compulsion deters. Let us create an ambience of love for our students to flourish and to prosper. 

Fr Soby Thomas, Principal