4th term Tuition Fee Due Date_Feb 15th

 15th February is the due date for the last term fee payment for 2020-21.
Below are the steps for making the tuition fee;

  • Click on "Fee Online" link on the home page
  • Provide the student id in "Student ID" text box and click on "Continue" button
  • Verify the student details and click on "Confirm" button
  • Select the checkbox and click on "Pay Bills" button
  • Provide an Email address and Mobile number for getting the confirmation messages
  • Click on "Proceed to Pay" button
  • Select the appropriate payment method and complete the payment
    • Note: If you are accessing from Mobile, then for accessing Fee payment screen, please follow the below steps;
    • please click on the "Menu" icon (3 lines on top right side of the page)
    • click on "HOME"
    • click on arrow symbol, on the top right corner, just below the "Menu" icon
    • click on "Fee Online" button