Co-Scholastic Activities

The soul and spirit of a school is often found in its co-scholastic activities. An important part of any broad-based education is the opportunity for self-expression. A balanced education is a priority at SFS. Students participate in drama, dance, debates, public speaking, and tournaments of various kinds.

Participation ranges from various appeals for charities to donations to the downtrodden and to personal support for those in need. Other activities promote qualities of self-reliance, initiative, cooperation, confidence and the capacity to deal with significant emotional and physical challenges. The talents of students at SFS are displayed through performances, exhibitions and competitions throughout the year.

Another golden feather for SFS, Ettumanoor

The moving force behind all SFS School activities is the incessant drive to do good to reap in an abundance of goodness, particularly through activities carried out in collaboration with the Nallapaadam projects of Malayala Manorama. Another golden feather was added to the cap of SFS when the School won the second place at the State level for such humanitarian projects, which carried a cash prize of Rs 10,000/- besides a citation.

The school stood first in Kottayam district for its nutrition-rich organic vegetable cultivation. The students planted numerous saplings on and off the campus and vowed to nurture them as part of the school’s Mission Green project. Another successful undertaking was the kitchen garden at the school which produced quality vegetables, besides the distribution of vegetable seeds to students’ homes. Students learnt the techniques of grow-bag cultivation. A novelty was the introduction of a butterfly-friendly garden at the school. This was apart from a medicinal plants nursery.

If these were efforts at greening the earth around them, the students also displayed the compassionate side of their character when they went visiting old age homes with gifts for the inmates. They prepared and shared a special Onam lunch with the destitute and downtrodden at Onam time. They keep raising funds for the construction of all-weather houses for the poor in the neighbourhood. Buoyancy 2015 was organized for special school students whose physical challenges proved no hindrance to the display of their prowess. A food fest was held with a view to raising funds for the socially displaced section. Another innovative scheme was the preparation and sale of Christmas cards and using its sale proceeds to take out the inmates of an old age home for a picnic on the beach. The students collected used clothes and distributed them among poor boys and girls. They bought and supplied a water purifier to the local primary health centre. Over one lac rupees was raised through a magic show at the school in aid of the endosulfan victims of north Kerala.

In the bustle of these activities, the students did not forget the language heritage of their State. They celebrated a week dedicated to the promotion of Malayalam, besides arranging a readers club at the school. Students came forward to finance the distribution of daily newspapers to poor families. The students conducted a survey regarding the health issues faced by senior citizens. They arranged an awareness class on nature-health-Ayurveda. Other areas that drew students’
attention included farmers’ day observance, Marian quiz competition, Novo Initio quiz program, a book fair as well as a poster competition about endosulfan and its evil effects.

The ultimate aim behind all these manifold projects has been pinpointing the right way to healthy living. Polythene pollution is the curse of our time. How to rid society of this curse was the driving motive behind the cleanliness drive coupled with their service mentality that made the students undertake them. Cyber crime with its grip on society was highlighted through an awareness program, besides a street play on the theme of drug addiction. A scientific handicrafts mela was held at the school. Counseling for students and parents is regularly available. Other classes at the school are centred on cookery, legal awareness, road safety, and preventive measures against cancer including a lecture by an oncologist.

 (SFS PROMO-2017-18)

Nallapaadam Activities 2017 (video)

Christmas Programme in Flower channel (video)

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