DeSalite Connect (Alumni Association)

The Alumni Association of the School was established in 2010 after the first batch of Class XII students passed out from here. Subsequent batches have automatically joined the Association which has made it a practice to meet at the school on Christmas Eve for a sharing session. Members often wax eloquent about their experiences in the outside world as different from their school days. But the sentiment that frequently tinges their recollections is one of nostalgia and even déjà vu. As years advance and recollections fade, students seem to relish and miss even more the happier days they spent within SFS portals. Alumni association is the umbilical cord that binds out-going batches to their alma mater. From 2013 on wards the Alumni Association is named as "DeSalite Connect", and the date of Alumni gathering is fixed on the 26 of December every year. The Facebook link to the DeSalite Connect is the following: 

Dear Alumni and Friends…

Greetings from SFS School and Junior College!

I write these few lines to inform you that we are only delighted to welcome you to your alma mater for whatsoever is the reason of your visit.  You are always welcome!! At the same time, please note that it’s been a while that you have been in school now. Now that times have changed, even routine and other things in school must have changed. So, if you are visiting the school on a school working day, first, please report to the reception desk on arrival, they will help you to reach the right place or to the right person. Please don’t loiter in the school building without due permission from the Principal, as it would create confusion, misunderstanding and chaos.  

Thank you very much for your support, cooperation and understanding.