SFS Career Academy

 Entrance Coaching

SFS Career Academy aims at the holistic growth and development of youngsters who wish to make their mark in society as dedicated professionals in diverse fields. It spurs students to focus on their subjects of study to the exclusion of all distractions during the entire length of this programme. The thrust of this project is to provide intensive entrance coaching for medical and engineering streams. Admission to the Academy is restricted not only in terms of student intake but also and primarily to ensure personal attention for effective guidance. Two special batches staggered over two years (Std XI and Std XII) receive entrance-oriented coaching directed towards engineering (IIT, NIT, IIST, ISER, Kerala Engineering) and medicine (NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER, AIPMT, Kerala Medical Entrance).

The coaching classes are held before regular school hours from Monday through Friday and on public holidays by Brilliant faculty. Transportation is arranged to take the students on Saturdays, selected Sundays and during vacations to Pala. Special scholarships are offered to deserving students as a special incentive. Separate hostels cater to the accommodation needs of boys and girls. Subject experts are brought in for students to interact with and to clear doubts.

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