SFS Public School & Junior College, Ettumanoor, follows the NCERT syllabus from the kindergarten to Class XII. Students hailing from all corners of the country and even abroad study books prescribed by different boards, but once they join SFS, their syllabi becomes the NCERT's.  This makes it easier for them if they have to be transferred to other CBSE schools at any time of the year. The NCERT syllabus is believed to be of a higher standard and gives an edge in competitive examinations to our students.

Study programme

While the LKG kids learn their lessons through the effortless, easy learn-by-doing way, students of other classes have a rigidly structured syllabus to follow. The academic syllabus is only part of the school programme. Students’ progress, both in scholastic as well as co-scholastic areas, is periodically assessed and reported to parents.

At the Higher Secondary level, five streams are on offer, three in science and two in commerce. The science streams are the following: (1) English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. (2) English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science. (3) English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science.

The commerce streams comprise: (1) English, Business Studies, Accountancy, Computer Science and Economics. (2) English, Business Studies, Accountancy, Mathematics and Economics.

Physical education

Well-maintained playgrounds for sports and games such as football, basketball, badminton and cricket are provided to develop sporting skills and general fitness. Other thoughtful additions are yoga and karate classes on weekends besides indoor games like chess and caroms.

Campus life is vibrant and scintillating with a broad range of cultural activities. Students are encouraged to join various clubs and societies that function on the campus. Seasonal festivals are celebrated with pomp and solemnity.

Co-scholastic activities

The soul and spirit of a school is often found in its co-scholastic activities. An important part of any broad-based education is the opportunity for self-expression. A balanced education is a priority at SFS. Students participate in drama, dance, debates, public speaking, and tournaments of various kinds.

Participation ranges from various appeals for charities to donations to the downtrodden and to personal support for those in need. Other activities promote qualities of self-reliance, initiative, cooperation, confidence and the capacity to deal with significant emotional and physical challenges. The talents of students at SFS are displayed through performances, exhibitions and competitions throughout the year.