The Crest

The emblem of the school integrates a number of symbols which convey the vision of the school. The circle symbolizes the globe, the whole universe. Every pupil, as an integral part of the universe, is expected to transform himself/herself through education in order to become an agent of genuine transformation of the universe.
The upadesa mudra stands for the teaching-guiding hand of the guru. As gurus, the teachers are committed to a life of selfless service for the life formation of pupils. Ultimately, however, the mudra symbolizes the abiding presence of Jesus Christ, the sat-guru, among us, who imparts true wisdom.
Then there is the Spirit of God in the form of the flame of knowledge and wisdom who, by dispelling all forms of ignorance, impurity and disharmony, opens up a path of inner enlightenment so that the disciples can advance in maturity and wisdom.
The book at the base is the symbol of the numerous sources of knowledge today. Lightened up by the flame and guided by the teaching hand, pupils are helped to be open, alert and discerningly receptive to all sources of knowledge.