Profile of a Desalite


A DeSalite is a member of the Fransalian Schools established and managed by the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales.

 A DeSalite….

  • Knows about St. Francis de Sales, Fr. Peter Marie Mermier and the MSFS congregation
  • Believes in the dictum: “Education of the heart is the heart of education.”
  • Believes in the living God and prays daily
  • Trusts in God who helps those who help themselves
  • Works hard to be of genuine service to others
  • Practices virtues of optimism, gentleness and hospitality
  • Practices charity in thought, word and deed
  • Speaks truly, deals truly and lives truly
  • Respects elders, parents, teachers and classmates
  • Dresses neatly, arrives punctually and behaves politely
  • Nurtures nature and is eco-friendly
  • Upholds the ethos of the ‘Alma Mater’ in high esteem
  • Promotes peace, harmony and non-violence
  • Respects cultural and religious diversity
  • Fosters patriotism and combats adversity
  • Promotes social justice and equality
  • Fosters good health and respects life
  • Is studious, responsible and duty-conscious
  • Is meek, humble and strong in character
  • Follows the motto: “for God and Country”.