Fr. Jose Maliekal (2012-

Fr. Kurian Karickal (2011-12)

Fr. Joseph Thayil (2005-11)


Fr. Josey Ponnambel (2003-04)

Fr. Jose Maliekal (2012-15)

Fr. Kurian Karickal (2011-12)

Fr. Joseph Thayil (2005-11)

Fr Jose Kumblolical (2004-05)

Fr. Josey Ponnambel (2003-04)

Fr Jose Parappillil (2015-

Fr Jose Parappillil (2015-on)    


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Fr. Soby Maroor (2018-on)

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Fr. Roy Plathottathil
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Fr. Binoy Kurakalayil
Fr. Josey Ponnambel

Vice Principals

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Fr. Mijo Kulamkuthiyil (2017-on)Fr. Subin Puzhakkara
( 2014-17)
Fr. Jais Mecheril (2011-14)Fr Majish Vallisserikettil (2010-11).Fr. A Johnson (2008-10)Fr. Joe Cherolickal (2004-08)

Right from the time the first batch of the Missionaries landed in India, they went about establishing schools and training centres to attract the youth. Schools have become the mainstay of their ministry to the people in every place. Although the MSFS had shifted their minor seminary to Ettumanoor in the early 1970s, it was not until the start of this century that their plan for a school here materialized.

In June 2003 when the school opened its doors to the public for the first time, the enrolment figures stood at a handful of hundreds. Like an acorn, the beginning wasn’t conspicuous, but its growth meanwhile has been colossal. Within the first dozen years of its operations, it has attracted attention from the discerning public worldwide. Today admission figures are bursting at the seams! From LKG to Class XII, a student who spends 14 years here under SFS wings, is ready to face the challenges of life in the fast lane by the end of his/her school career.

A committed team of priests led by Principal, Rev Fr Roy Plathottathil, oversees the daily programme and ensures consistency of performance. As many as 112 teaching staff and 48 non-teaching staff labour 24x7 to achieve every target set by the Management. The task, no doubt, is huge, but not unattainable. The final goal is nation building.

The Management has been setting new standards in quality education, which has been winning laurels from every quarter. The teachers have been orientated to channelize their potential towards child-centred qualitative learning. The effort is to impart integral, impartial education to one and all, with special attention to discipline, tolerance, moral values, cultural harmony and national integration.

The current century promises a better, brighter future. The scope for growth is immense. Technological advances are responsible for this optimistic outlook. As the Bible says, Train up a child the way he should go, and even when he is old, he will not stray from it (Prov. 22:6).