History of the School

SFS Public School & Junior College has been preparing students for adult life since 2010. Although much has changed in the last few years, our basic educational principles have not. Our school exists to make a difference. Every student should receive quality education in a caring environment. The tradition of Catholic schooling lives on at SFS where Christian principles form an integral part of all aspects of school life.

Our campus is set among seven acres of lush green land on the outskirts of Ettumanoor. The school boasts modern facilities to provide for a comprehensive, general curriculum suitable for all abilities and interests. Excellence is valued and encouraged. While academically gifted students are challenged to reach their full potential, all ability levels are catered to, supported and attended to.

We encourage participation in a wide variety of activities available through our curriculum. In preparing tomorrow’s citizens we develop confidence, promote self­esteem, develop flexibility of mind and encourage strength of character, inter­personal skills, compassion for others and a sound belief system.

SFS is not a selective school. While it is proudly a Catholic school, it welcomes applicants from other faith traditions.