Message from the principal

principalThank you for your interest in SFS Public School and Junior College, Ettumanoor.  

On behalf of our school staff and students, I welcome your child and your family to SFS Public School & Junior College, and I look forward to your interest, cooperation and support.

There is a great deal of pride in existence at SFS and we, therefore, encourage all children to take pride not only in themselves, but also in their school. SFS is an outstanding school, with high expectations in behaviour, positive attitudes and learning performance.

If this school is going to be progressive and successful, the Principal, staff members, students and parents all have a very important role to play.

It is crucial for parents to be aware of our school aims, beliefs, attitudes and expectations and this is why such a booklet is presented to parents.

Parents should be aware that teachers do their best in helping the students under their care. Since teachers are only human and liable to err, the development of an atmosphere of cooperation and understanding between home and school is our positive goal, and the recognition by all that no one can succeed without the support of the other is the firmest basis for the sound education of your children.

Rev. Dr. Roy Plathottathil,