Video Channel of SFS School, Ettumanoor

INTERNATIONAL DAY OF YOGA 2018  School Promo 2017-18

 School Promo 2017-18  ( Video)


The soul and spirit of a school is often found in its co-scholastic activities. An important part of any broad-based education is the opportunity for self-expression. A balanced education is a priority at SFS. Students participate in drama, dance, debates, public speaking, and tournaments of various kinds. Participation ranges from various appeals for charities to donations to the downtrodden and to personal support for those in need. Other activities promote qualities of self-reliance, initiative, cooperation, confidence and the capacity to deal with significant emotional and physical challenges. The talents of students at SFS are displayed through performances, exhibitions and competitions throughout the year.


Nallapaadam Activities 2017 (video)

Christmas Programme in Flower channel (video)

Sargolsavam in Shalom TV (Epi 102)
Sargolsavam in Shalom TV (Epi 103)
Sargolsavam in Shalom TV (Epi 104)