Our School

Right from the time the first batch of the Missionaries landed in India, they went about establishing schools and training centres to attract the...

Vision & Mission

SFS Public School & Junior College, Ettumanoor is a comprehensive educational institution serving the community,

Principal's Message

Thank you for your interest in SFS Public School and Junior College, Ettumanoor. On behalf of our school staff and students, I welcome your child...


  • SFS Public School & Junior College, Ettumanoor is ranked as the Best 5th Co-ed School in Kottayam, by Education World Magazine, September 2016.
  • We are proud to announce that we are ranked as fourth best school school in kottayam by DL Digital Learning 2016
  • We aim to dissolve the noise and place a focus on what matters most to you using language and terms that you both understand and relate to.

Co-Scholastic Activities

Nallapaadom Activities

The soul and spirit of a school is often found in its co-scholastic activities. An important part of any broad-based education is the opportunity for self-expression. A balanced education is a priority at SFS. Students participate in drama, dance, debates, public speaking, and tournaments of various kinds.